School Bus Services

At Go West our goal is to ensure we transport students safely and on time to school every day across Western Australia.

Our drivers are education protocol trained with Verification of Competencies and operate at the highest standards.

In addition, Go West supplies transport services for school camps, swimming lessons and excursions.

Daily routes are approved by School Bus Services and designed to pick up and drop off students in the safest and most practical way. Passengers on school bus services are managed to ensure each student is provided with an allocated seat and approved to be picked up and dropped off at designated locations along approved routes by SBS.

For more information about School Bus Services, please feel free to click on the link below to access the WA School Bus Services Government website.

This includes:

  • Contact details for school bus services in your region
  • Transport applications and enrolments for your child to travel on a bus
  • Latest news
  • Other general information



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