Experiencing the Pilbara

Bunbury depot staff Bonnie Evans and Ryan Babich had a close up look at life in the Pilbara when they joined the Newman, Tom Price and Karratha crews to help out with a recent stock take.

Bonnie, the Bunbury Depot’s Operations Coordinator, met the operations coordinators in each depot that she deals with every day and was able to see first hand some of the challenges of operating in the Pilbara.

For Ryan Babich, a first year heavy duty mechanic apprentice, it was a great opportunity to see the different types of buses used in the Pilbara and gain a better understanding of the Go West operations in the resource sector.

They also travelled between Tom Price and Karratha on the Rio Tinto rail access road, seeing a laden iron ore train along the way.

Photo: Ryan Babich and Bonnie Evans check out a Rio Tinto train loaded with iron ore during a visit to the Pilbara.

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