Go West in joint venture for Chevron contract

Go West has struck a joint venture with Onslow Bus and Taxi Service to provide bus services for Chevron over the next five years.

Twelve new BCI buses, designed for the oil and gas industry and featuring the In Vehicle Monitoring System, were ordered by Go West for the contract which started in February.

Local people have been employed as drivers and Go West mechanics will service the buses from Onslow.

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with Neil Rafferty and his team in Onslow to transport the Chevron workforce,” said Go West Director David Haoust.

“It’s great to be a local contractor who has been able to secure the Chevron contract with valuable support from Go West and we look forward to providing jobs for the locals,” said Onslow Bus and Taxi owner Neil Rafferty.

Photo:  Wheatstone Supply Chain Superintendent Tom Jeffreys and Onslow Bus and Taxi owners Emily See and Neil Rafferty.

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