Go West’s Orange Bus drivers play an important role

Meet Go West’s team of school bus drivers who are responsible for eight services in the South West and the Pilbara, driving the iconic bright orange vehicles for school pick ups and drop offs.

Six buses operate from the Bunbury depot, one from Mandurah and one from Tom Price.

Operations Support Officer Vikki Toia said orange school buses had been transporting school students for more than 100 years and provided an important service in WA’s regions.

“Across WA there are 962 orange buses which service 530 schools and are used by 26,500 regional and special education students,” Vikki said. “They travel about 33 million kilometres a year.

“Our school bus drivers are an important part of the Go West Team as they are responsible for not only driving the bus, but also looking after their precious cargo. “Go West is very fortunate to employ some of the safest bus drivers around.”

Photo:  Viv Kilpatrick, John Terace, Rob Seinemeier, Glenn Sterkenburg and Murray Watts. Absent: Ray Risdon, John Cole and Grahame Allen.

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