Luxury Audi cars added to Go West Fleet

Growing demand in luxury rental cars in the South West has prompted Go West Tours to acquire six new Audis for its Hertz fleet.

The high end Q2, Q5 and Q7 editions are proving to be very popular for weddings, special events and winery winter escapes.

“We have noticed a gradual, but definite improvement in the economy with a number of enquiries for luxury rental cars from visitors coming to the South West,” said Hertz South West Location Manager Rebecca Seinemeier.

“The Audis are the ultimate luxury vehicle for down south events and long weekend escapes and have proven to be very popular with our clients, offering exceptional comfort and safety.

“The Audi Q7 in particular has won the Drive Car of the Year Award for the Best Luxury SUV over $80,000 for three years running.”

Photo: Rebecca Seinemeier with two of the luxury Audi’s recently added to the Hertz South West fleet.

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