End of an era for Hertz

It was the end of an era in August, as Go West Tours handed over the franchise of renown vehicle hire company Hertz to new owners.

Go West Bunbury employees Ricky Ugle and Peter Cherubino gave one of the trucks a last clean, ready for delivery that day to Terry Trucks in Davenport.

Go West has held the Hertz franchise for 14 years, supplying a range of sedans, light vehicles and trucks to the South West.

“Hertz Australia has been a wonderful part of our business for more than 14 years and we wish Terry Trucks all the best in the South West franchise areas to continue the great customer service and quality that our company has provided to the network,” said Self Drive and Quality Assurance Manager and former Hertz Manager Rebecca Seinemeier.

Photo:  Ricky Ugle and Peter Cherubino give one of the Hertz trucks a last clean before handing the vehicles over to Terry Trucks.

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