Father and son at home amongst the buses

It’s not very common these days to see father and son working together at the same company.

Ricky Ugle is a driver and now trainer at Go West, while Jason is a mechanic, learning his trade since he began a part-time job at 14 at South West Coach Lines and learning how to drive buses before he could drive a car!

Jason, now 28, graduated from his part time job checking oil and water and changing tyres in a workshop to a mechanic apprenticeship at 15 years, and now works on the buses and trucks at Go West’s Bunbury office.

“Part of the job when I became an apprentice at 15 was to shift the buses in the yard or drive them over the pits, so I learned from a young age how to drive them,” Jason said. “When it came to getting my drivers licence, I found it so much easier to learn to drive a car!”

Ricky had driven buses and seen the sites of Western Australia for more than 20 years and is now responsible for driver assessments and some part-time driving when needed.

“Jason has been tinkering with cars and machinery since he was very young, so it’s great that he is doing what he loves and we get to work together,” Ricky said.

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